Grade 6 Graduation!

On the 18.12.12 it was my grade 6 graduation. It started at 6:00pm for the grade 6’s and the teachers to have dinner, and after dinner we played, danced and talked but at 8:00pm it was time for the parents to come and for the ceremony to start. It was a fantastic night because we showed some slide shows that we made, read our speeches out to our parents and of course graduated! I am sad to leave but I just keep remembering that i can always come back and visit! 🙂

Did you enjoy the graduation.

What other graduations have you been to.

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My 12th Birthday Party!

On the 13th of October I had my birthday party.I had 3 friends over, they were Kiera, Eula and Travis!

We didn’t really have anything planned because we just stayed at home.

When everyone arrived we went for a walk then we got back and played some games until dinner.

For dinner we had nachos and pizza.

After dinner we just played around and then after Travis went home we went spotlighting!

When we got back we watched a movie.

In the morning we had pancakes. When we finished breakfast Kiera, Eula and I took turns sitting on a tyre that was connected to the lawn mower and Mitchell and Gus where driving us around the paddock.

At 11:00am everyone had to go home!

If you have any question please leave a comment.

What parties have you been to?

What were your parties like?


My Brother Mitchell’s Birthday Party!

On Friday the 7.9.12 my brother Mitchell turned 10. He had a party after school on Friday to Saturday.

He had 5 friends over and I got to have 2 friends over. When we got home after school my mum had laid out the cake and lots of party food on the table, everyone ate and then went outside to play. All of the boys thought that riding around on the lawn mowers was the best thing ever. I had to drive the tractor and pick up a big log, to use as a log seat. After we all set up the bon fire and the seats it was dinner time. For dinner we had a lot of things like:

Pizza, party pies, sausage rolls, chicken crackles, fruit and little hot dogs. For drink we had fizzy drinks.(Very unhealthy). I ate a lot of food because I wanted to make the most of it but after that I laid on the floor because I ate to much so I felt sick. When I felt better Kiera, Jemma and I went to my room to sort out the beds and because we were going to watch a movie we all moved my bed sideways and sat on there to watch the movie. Then we cut the cake but I couldn’t have any because I still felt sick!

We watched our movie then played some games and we played truth or dare, so then the boys came in and they were very noisy! It was 2:30am and we all were still awake! I only got 1hr and a half of sleep.

In the morning we had pancakes and the boys were still riding around on the lawn mowers.

It was time for everyone to go. Everyone but Jemma went because her dad came to stay and help my dad.

It was really fun even though it wasn’t my party! 🙂 🙂

If you have any question please leave a comment.

What parties have you been to?

What were your parties like?

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Bog Blog!

Last weekend my family and I went for a drive around our 200 acres to see how much water was in the river and in Deep Creek because of all of the rain.

On the way back we got bogged so dad and I had to walk all the way back to the house to get the tractor!

 About the photos:

Where we took the photos of the creek we usually can’t see the water so that means it is up pretty high!

Also where the car is crossing the river that usually only has a trickle of water!!

How much water was at your house

Have you ever gotten bogged? If so where and when?

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If you have any questions please post a comment!

If You Were An Animal Which One Would You Be?

Hi Everyone,

One day I was just wondering what it would be like to be an animal so I have decided to ask you which animal you would be if you were one!

Please comment and tell me why you chose the animal you chose!


This is my next door neighbours lamb (Erin and Charles).

They have to bottle feed him because his mother and twin died.

His name is Lambikins. (lamb-i-kins)

I sometimes go over there and feed him. You would be amazed how fast he drinks!!

But very soon he will only be eating grass.

Today Charles put lambikins in with the other sheep but there not friends yet!

Me feeding Lambikins

Do you have any lambs or farm animals?

Have you fed a baby lamb?

Please, if you have any questions please leave a comment!

Backyard Camping!

 On the weekend my brother and I decided to go camping but since we couldn’t go real camping we got the next best thing:

This is our backyard campsite!

We even slept in it all night!

The only thing that we did that wasn’t camping was plug in a tv because there was a plug right outside on the wall!


If you have any questions please leave a comment!