Our New Additions

A while ago our family of animals grew with two additions.

A lamb (Shanks) and a kitten (Spice)

We got Shanks at a local fair, and had to bottle feed him for about three weeks, but now he is old enough to eat proper foods like grass and oats.

We found Spice at my dads work. That’s where she had been living for the majority of her life. Dad caught her and took her to the vet to be checked out, then taken to our house and that’s where she has been since. It was my idea to call her Spice because of her mixed colouring: ginger, white and tabby.

But what we didn’t know was that there would be four more (temporary) additions that came only a few nights ago. Four kittens. It turns out while Spice was living on the street she got pregnant. So when she has been living at our house, her stomach kept growing and growing, so we presumed that had to be the case. But the truth was found the other night when she quietly went off and had four kittens: one ginger/white, two black and one black/white.

I also thought I’d just throw in a picture of Allies first birthday, with a tuna cake I made for her. (She loved it :-))

Have you ever adopted an animal off the street?

Have any of your animals had babies?

How do you celebrate your animals birthday?

If you have any questions or would love to share some news, please leave a comment!



Wow! I just realized how many things I should have been blogging about throughout the year. So I thought before I put all my posts up I would just say hello and briefly say what’s been going on.

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