Molly and Allie!

I just thought I would tell you somethings my animals do:

We have had Allie for 6 weeks and 5 days now.
Allie is  4 months and 2 days old.
She is very entertaining, funny and energetic!
We just got her a tunnel with little toys hanging down inside and she plays with it non stop.
This is the 4th year we have had Molly
Today is her birthday so she is exactly 4 years old!
Molly is very good at listening to commands and she always is keeping us entertained.
Molly and Allie:
At first they weren’t sure about each other but now they are absolutely in love with each other.
All day, every day the play together and sometimes they just lay there!
I took this picture a week ago and it was such a lucky shot because they didn’t stay like that for very long.
Allie is learning to come when called and she just figured out how to climb the wire door!
Molly knows how to sit, hit the dirt, lay down, stay, beg, roll over, catch, shake, answers to her name and is learning much more.
Also I am entering Molly into an animal competition on Saturday.
The animal competition has past and Molly won “The Smartest Animal” award.

What do your animals do?

What type of animals do you have?Molly and Allie


5 thoughts on “Molly and Allie!

  1. Eula and Lily says:

    Hi Emily

    Molly and Allie look so cute together. You are so lucky to have them!
    We want to know if you named Allie or was she named Allie when you got her? I (Eula) wish my cats liked dogs. Lily does not have any animals but she wants a dog. What typ of dog do you think she should get?

    From Eula and Lily.

    • emily1610 says:

      Hi Eula and Lily. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!!
      Yea Allie was already named when we got her but it is good that I like the name.
      I hope you get a dog lily! I don’t know what type of dog because it depends on your space and what type of personality you want your dog to have!!
      Thanks again for commenting! 🙂


  2. kiera30 says:

    Hey Emily,

    Great post!! Wow your dog can do a lot of tricks. Can Allie do any?? You must have a busy life with Molly and Allie!! Do you play with Allie and Molly at the same time????

    Okay Bye!!

    • emily1610 says:

      Thankyou! yea we have been training Molly ever since we got her. Allie can’t do much yet but if I tip her backwards she will pretend she is doing a backflip.:-)
      Yea i do play with them at the same time. At first i couldn’t but now I can!!
      Thanks again for commenting.

      See ya 🙂

      • kiera30 says:

        No problem i like replying on posts!!!
        With KK i do backflips and forward roll!!!
        KK loves playing with Yoda all the time!! Same not at the start playing together.

        Thats alright!!

        Bye 🙂

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