My New Kitten!

On the 3.1.2013 I adopted a 12 week old kitten from an animal shelter.

Her name is Allie and is tabby coloured.

She loves playing and having fun but doesn’t like Molly so we are gradually introducing them to one another.

Her birthday is on the 12th of october which is nearly the same as mine.

I have never had a kitten or cat before so it is a new experience!

And lucky for me she is already kitty litter trained!

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I would love to hear your story’s about your cats/kittens.


6 thoughts on “My New Kitten!

  1. […] My New Kitten! ( […]

    • emily1610 says:

      Thanks for commenting!
      Your story about lucky is adorable and I can’t believe how much Lucky looks like my Allie.
      It’s funny how much lucky is just like a baby. 🙂
      Thanks again.

  2. Miss Crowther says:

    Oops! I didn’t ‘cross check’ very well reading Allie as Alice. Sorry! Perhaps the heat is making me silly? 🙂

    What a terrific graduation present! Millie was my graduation present from Uni. Except, I had to wait three years for her. She was definitely worth the wait though!

    How is Allie coping with the heat?

    Miss Crowther 🙂

    • emily1610 says:

      I sure Millie was worth the wait.
      We went for a drive and took Molly and Allie and both of them were panting a lot but now Allie is just asleep in my room because my room is very cool.

  3. Miss Crowther says:

    Hello Emily (and Alice)

    How exciting! Was Alice a late Christmas present? I have never had a cat before either, so can’t offer you any advice. Sorry! Being litter trained certainly sounds an advantage! Hopefully Molly and Alice will eventually become good friends. Has Molly had much to do with cats before?

    I like the way you have displayed the photos on the blog with the big one and three smaller ones at the side.

    Alice looks very cute. She is one lucky little kitten to be adopted into such a happy, caring home. I know she will be spoilt rotten – judging by the photos of her toys and climbing thing, she already is!

    I look forward to reading about Alice’s adventures (possibly not in Wonderland though!) as she grows up.

    Miss Crowther 🙂

    • emily1610 says:

      Thanks for commenting.
      Just to let you know her name is Allie.
      And she was my graduation present!
      I don’t think Molly has ever had anything to do with a cat.
      But we havn’t had to worry about Molly hurting Allie because she is scared of her.
      Emily 🙂 🙂

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